About Us

Sustainable food systems worldwide must be founded in access to healthy diets and nutrition for all, agroecology and regenerative agriculture, circular economy, and the provisioning of just livelihoods.

Since 2019 the Urban Agriculture Consortium (UAC) has been bringing people together to co-create the conditions for urban and peri-urban agroecology to thrive, as part of an integrated, resilient, & just food system for the UK.

Our goal is re-normalising local food growing and local food consumption in and around our towns and cities and to continue to push the boundaries through supporting transformative ideas and the relationships to make them happen. 

With two part-time coordinators running the project (Maddy Longhurst & Jeremy Iles) UAC has, with partners and associates across the consortium, been co-designing, testing and delivering a portfolio of complementary support ‘modules’ to help amplify and accelerate the place-based initiatives and ideas that we consider will be the most impactful, systemically, and in terms of human transformation and ecological healing. 

These modules are evolving – this diagram gives a partial snapshot of our current work – UAC coordinators and our guides, associates and place-based partners are at the centre, and the projects we directly support in yellow circles around. This diagram is evolving all the time.

Current work

UAC is now seeking next-level funding to continue to co-design, develop, grow, and deliver these modules collaboratively, to make them more widely available, to have the means to support their upscaling where/when there is an opportunity, and to invest in holistic evaluation of our impact (across all members and projects of the consortium).

A note on funding: UAC has been funded since 2020 with grants and contracts from a variety of sources, notably the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Plunkett Foundation, Necessity and others.  We are currently entering our 5th year and we are applying for further funds – but we know it’s a tough funding climate, and nothing is certain.  
If you’d like to support us, please get in touch!

UAC is an unconstituted collaboration of partners and associates. UAC continues to be project managed by Green Future Associates CIC, which acts as the accountable body.