Urban Agriculture Consortium

Sustainable food systems worldwide must be founded in access to healthy diets and nutrition for all, agroecology and regenerative agriculture, circular economy, and the provisioning of just livelihoods.

Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration, accompanying document. 2021

The power of urban agriculture

The Urban Agriculture Consortium (UAC) brings people together to co-create the conditions for urban and peri-urban agroecology to thrive, as part of an integrated, resilient, & just food system for the UK.

Urban and urban fringe (or peri-urban) settings present a unique set of constraints, opportunities, challenges, problems and solutions when it comes to transitioning our food system. We want to move away from the present destructive industrial model, towards a just, inclusive, regenerative and localised one. The continuing process of urbanisation has disconnected people from the source and value of good food, giving rise to many personal and planetary problems.

So when we reimagine urban centres and their peri-urban hinterlands as landscapes interwoven with small scale, regenerative and diverse food growing everywhere, as generators of abundance, food equality, innovation, livelihoods, local economic resilience and beauty we can start to see that it is possible to heal this dislocation and its effects; healing our own bodies, our communities, the habitats of our companion species’, and the planet.

This decade is widely considered to be our last window of opportunity to slow the collapse of the ecosystem integrity on which all life depends through a global movement for ecosystem restoration. Mainstreaming agroecology – an agriculture based on healing and optimising natural systems, provides perhaps our biggest hope for success. This transition will be driven by demand for good food in urban settlements, and enabled by supportive policy and financial commitments at a local, regional and national level.

So much of our hope for a better world, personally and globally, lies in transforming our food systems. Everyone is needed, everyone is invited. The more skilled we become at working together, the sooner we will reach a positive tipping point.

Evaluation of first year cover

Evaluation of First Year

“A model of how to convene a network of change makers:” Excellent evaluation of our first year. We’re delighted to be able to share the Evaluation …
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🔴Etienne Hainzelin @Cirad welcomes >200 participants & counting to the TPP event Policies for Agroecology!
W/ @FoodSystems, the momentum is strong & coming from civil society, countries, professionals... Interaction b/w science & policymakers is 🔑 for the transformation. 👥🌱🌐 https://twitter.com/GlobalLF/status/1415635761911717894

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STARTING SOON ▶️ Policies for #Agroecology

Join us to reimagine agricultural policies that benefit people & the planet!

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