Farmstarts and Incubator hubs

Farmstarts and Incubator hubs support a new generation of economically resilient urban farmers & growers with work-based training and mentoring. Farmstarts help new entrants to food production learn all the skills they need in a supported environment. Many farmstart sites provide opportunities for others to share their resources and knowledge…and help to incubate further social and community food production enterprises. Co-Farming is a variation where an area of land is divided up into plots that are worked complementarily by different people/ enterprises. It’s like a blend of Patchwork Farm and Incubator Hub. It can have processing, packaging and distribution facilities that everyone shares.

From the Landworkers Alliance website:

To help overcome some of the obstacles facing new entrants to farming, the Landworkers’ Alliance is working with member organisations running ‘farm-start’ and ‘farmincubation’ projects around the UK to develop a network of best practice and encourage the development of new opportunities.

Farmstarts provide an important opportunity for people to test their farming and growing ideas in a protected environment, whilst building the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to progress to their own farm or market garden. By providing access to land, markets, equipment and training, farmstarts take

  1. Grow the Grower – Locavore, Glasgow
  2. Grow Wilder (previously Feed Bristol)
  3. Tyfu Cymru, Wales
  4. Kirkstall Valley Farm – Leeds. (CSA)
  5. Cofarm Cambridge