Become an ethical food consumer! – Event

UAC is excited to be participating again in the 2021 Ethical Consumer Week (click to see full programme)

Our session – Urban Agriculture – Growing Influence – was on Monday 18 October.

This is a hugely pertinent and important event that focuses on how we, across society, economy and culture, close the gap between where we’re at with CO2 emissions, and where we need to be.

Urban agriculture is changing our food landscapes, habits and assumptions. How, as consumers can each of us help to build a more healthy and resilient local food market?

Urban Agriculture Consortium is working with towns and cities to co-create the conditions for urban agroecology to thrive.

We will share with your our journey so far and invite you to find out more about your own local producers as part of the session.

In the context of the new National Food Strategy, Brexit and the alarming IPCC report, which all highlight the urgent need for systemic change, how can we all, as food consumers become food citizens and catalyse positive change?

With Jeremy Iles and Maddy Longhurst from the Urban Agriculture Consortium.

Ethical Consumer Week focusses on 7 themes:



Food & Farming, This is where we fit in – alongside other amazing organisations – Better Food Traders, Kindling Trust, Growing Real Food for Nutrition, Food Farming and Countryside Commission, Landworkers Alliance and Sustainable Food Places.


housing and energy