Collaborate with us

Our approach is to work dynamically and flexibly with clusters of places and different people and organisations to amplify, accelerate and add value to work that is already underway and nurture ideas and solutions that are emerging. Can we help you?

We can achieve richer solutions faster when we find the support we need.

We can help to support and facilitate the development of projects and ideas and link you with others who can amplify and accelerate your work.

We are seeking opportunities for connection, collaboration and synergy on projects directly working towards our vision:

All people, regardless of income, enjoy nutritious, fresh, seasonal, and culturally appropriate food sourced from agroecological growers every day via the shortest possible supply chains.   

Past and present project collaborators include: Foodwise Leeds, Regather Sheffield, Food Futures Lancaster, Middlesbrough Environment City, Social Farms & Gardens, Petronella Tyson, GeoFutures, Incredible Edible, Nottingham Good Food Partnership, the South West Food Hub, The Landworkers Alliance and various members of the National Farmstart Network, Bath Bioregional Group,

Do get in touch if you’d like to collaborate and/or if you have ideas on how to amplify and accelerate any of the different projects.