COP 27 – agroecology (November 2022)

7-18 November in Egypt.

There’s huge momentum building and increasingly urgent demands to change the world’s food systems, and to get sustainabale regenerative food systems endorsed as an outcome of COP 27 – agroecology in a nutshell. A never ending flow of articles highlights the problems caused, for example, by an expansion of meat production coupled with deforestation. But, as we can see, the fossil fuel and fertilizer-led “business as usual” model foisted on us by big business and finance has politicians in thrall. The Russina invasion of Ukraine should not be used as an excuse for inaction – or worse – a dash for more fossil fuels.

Now is the time for towns, cities, and regions to take the lead.

Make a start on the relocalisation of food systems – incubator farms and farmstarts are a good way to start.

You can help by getting your local authority to support the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration, and come along to our PING meetings to share good practice.