Evaluation of first year cover

Evaluation of First Year

“A model of how to convene a network of change makers:”

Excellent evaluation of our first year.

We’re delighted to be able to share the Evaluation of the Urban Agriculture Consortium’s first year. Well we would be, as it includes some really helpful feedback and helps set the scene for our next year. And, among the standout quotes from our Wider Interest Network Group (WING) meeting on 20 May is this: “UAC is a model of how to convene a network of change makers.”

We commissioned Hannah Lyons-Tsai as an external, independent evaluator. She set up meetings with a cross section of our partners and associates and asked them for their feedback and suggestions for the future.

The overall result is a mix of personal reflection, practical suggestions and -certainly endorses our approach to date, and gives us, well let’s call it optimism, which is much needed as we all continue to adjust to new ways of working, living and hopefully, growing local, nutritious and sustainable food.

“UAC is enabling connections for us that we wouldn’t otherwise have accessed”. “Encouraging us to reach out and learn from other organisations and areas”.
“It’s a very supportive and empowering atmosphere.”

(feedback from WING meeting, 20 May 2021)

Many thanks to Hannah for her excellent work on this report.
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