A quilt for delight, solidarity and justice.


How the making of this quilt raised £18k for a grant pot for BIPOC food growers in the UK.

I was so moved when I read about this collaboration between Public Library Quilts, Decolonise the Garden and Land In Our Names (LION).

It uses fabric from 11 countries and over 50 natural plant dyes donated by botanical dyers.

It has enabled LION to now have a grant pot that is open to applicants from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC).

Find out more about this amazing creative collaboration here.

Find out more about LIONs growers grants for black and people of colour here.

For Black people and people of colour living in the U.K., access to land and green space is blockaded by systemic racism and the lingering ramifications of British Colonialism. Horticulture and farming rank as two of Britain’s least diverse professions. A recent study has shown that communities of colour are 60% less likely to have access to nature, compared to their white counterparts. 

Tatter – link above.