Update on our funding

After two wonderful years of developing UAC, building community and understanding in the realm of urban agriculture in the UK, we are sorry to say that our core funder, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation won’t be funding us beyond our initial 3 years. They have said that it is due primarily to their funding priorities changing.

We are therefore exploring options for funding and investment to build upon the foundations we are laying in this first chapter of the life of UAC (2020-2023). We have a few ideas and are open to all conversations about how UAC might evolve in future to best amplify and accelerate the work of so many across the UA movement.

We have always been small, nimble and kept admin to a minimum, focussed on relationship building and supporting people where they are to try things and lever in impactful change.

Please get in touch if you have ideas about where UAC might go from Summer 2023 – however radical, conceptual, tangential or unformed they might be. Sometimes those moments in the imagination translate into something powerful.