What we are planning – 2024

UAC has continued to develop a portfolio of innovative moduels and to support the development of urban agricutlure.

We are developing a new team of local partners in the east midlands and eastern region – a bid to a funder is under consideration for this work in 2024. We also hope to do further work on the farmstarts project in Nottinghamshire and surrounding counites.

Greenbelt 2.0. following the production of our excellent film about the greenbelt, we will be looking for funding to devlop this work in 2024. This is very timely as we enter the election year – the erosion of the greenbelt is a serious possibility as house builders lobby for more car dependent toy-town, unsustainable, developments. We need to re-imagine the greenbelt as a productive, sustainbale, nature friendly food prouction area around our cities… Watch the vidoe to be inspired: https://www.urbanagriculture.org.uk/projects/fringe-farming/

We continue to convene the innovative PING (policy influencers network group), digital mapping group, planning advice, community land trusts for food growing, permaculture design, partnering the Right to Grow initiative and much more. Previous PINGs can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXp0NTfplLmmvTWTYXSEvCQ

The next PING is on 22nd February 2024 – https://www.urbanagriculture.org.uk/projects/influencing-policy/

UAC is now seeking next-level funding to continue to co-design, develop, grow, and deliver these modules collaboratively, to make them more widely available, to have the means to support their upscaling where/when there is an opportunity, and to invest in holistic evaluation of our impact (across all members and projects of the consortium). Our goal is re-normalising local food growing, and local food consumption, in and around our towns and cities and to continue to push the boundaries through supporting transformative ideas and the relationships to make them happen.  If you have any philanthropic funds at your disposal, please consider us: we are excellent value for money!