The Shape of PINGs to come

Our next Policy Inluencers Network Group will be on

PING #4Wednesday 27 April, 14.00- 16.30, looking at influencing the planning system with Dr Simon Ruston and Martin Elliot (Leeds City Council)

WING # 2 (Wider Interest Network Group), Thursday 2 June. Our annual evaluation and feedback, plus we’ll be showcasing new policy developments among local authorities. Could this be you??

The idea of the PINGs – Policy Influencers Network Groups – is to provide a safe, interactive online space for cities and regions to explore policy support for local food production. We will share and network good practice to help amplify and accelerate urban agrocecolgy as a response to clinmate emergency. So do take part, and help us to develop the Shape of PINGs to come!

PING #2 on 30th November featured feedback from COP26 – we heard that agroecology almost made it onto the final text -and that it wil feature highly at COP27. We also explored policies that support a re-localisation of food production through ubran agroecology, focussing on Lancaster. You can watch it in full

PING #3 on 2 March – looked at Soil Health and Population Health with Anna Cura from The Food Farming and Countryside Commission, nutrition expert Dr Elizabeth Westaway, Gavin Flethcer, Public Health, Leicestershire County Council, and John Wilcox & Kathy Holmes from Nottinghamshire County Council,