The Shape of PINGs to come…

We’re excited to see our vision of PINGs (Policy Influencers Networked Groups) emerging.

PING #2 took place on 30th November 2021.

We heard feedback and actions from COP26 with Duncan Williamson from Nourish, Scotland, talking about how we help shape the narrative, localism, and how councillors and local authorities in our towns, cities and regions can step up to make a difference. We’ll also feature how Lancaster has approached climate emergency and local food production.
We are now planning a series of meetings over the next 9 months to share good practice and ideas on how to accelerate and amplify policy change to support more localised, agroecological urban food systems.  Please come along to future meetings and help us develop The Shape of PINGs to come.

Report on the 1st exploratory PING meeting held on 7th September, where we discussed a mandate for the group/network, what this space should be and discussed how to bring our local authority officers and elected members into this space. We were joined by: Conor O’Kane & Patricia Wallace (Social Farms & Gardens NI), Chiara Tornaghi (CAWR/Urbanising in Place), Duncan Williamson (Nourish / Glasgow Declaration / Fork to Farm Dialogues), Allan Bogle & Emma Baron, (Derry City & Strabane Council, Northern Ireland), Sonja Woodcock (Feed Leeds), Tom Andrews (Sustainable Food Places / Soil Association), Mark Walton (Shared Assets), Elizabeth Westaway (Growing Real Food for Nutrition – GRFFN), Joe Dunne (Middlesbrough Environment City), Karen Davidson (SFG Scotland/Grown Green),

We were joined by Duncan Williamson from Nourish who is instrumental in COP26 and the Glasgow Declaration, Mark Walton from Shared Assets who is pivotal in progressing thought and action around common good land use, and Tom Andrews from Sustainable Food Places whio can see the emering PING as a useful additon to the eco-system of policy influencing.