Volunteer with us – comms – part-time.

Are you confident with social media, blog-gathering and website updating, and interested in supporting a shift to a resilient food system??  The Urban Agriculture Consortium works where it is needed across the UK to build relationships of solidarity and joint projects to increase agroecological food production in urban and urban fringe areas. 

We’re looking for a volunteer who can take responsibility for drip-feeding information through our networks via social media, an e-newsletter, and our website: this would be news about our project activity, about our partners and about the wider food movement in the UK and beyond, and also keeping our website up to date. 
We expect this will be around an hour or two a week, ongoing.  We are based in Bristol & we work remotely – we do not have an office.

Should our future funding come through we are open to changing this to a paid role. We work collaboratively in a positive supportive way and you can choose your hours.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, learning about how a dynamic consortium is coordinated and how we are helping build a collective narrative for change, please send an email to jeremy@greenfuture.org.uk with your contact details and approx half a side of A4 about your experience.